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The Darkest Days: A Zombie Apocalypse Novella (Death & Decay Book 1)

Book 1 of the Under a New Sun Series

The motto that every officer is taught from their first day in the academy. On a humid June day in St. Louis, it is a motto that could get Officer Wyatt Ward killed.

Desperate citizens flock to the station as the officers of the Cottleville Police Department struggle to handle the chaos that is enveloping a city already shaken by rioting. But as darkness descends something much worse is rising.

The deranged. Brutal, unforgiving, single-minded monsters that were once the citizens Wyatt was sworn to protect. Now, they attack. They bite. They infect.


Devour: A Zombie Apocalypse Novel (Death & Decay Book 2)

Book 1 of the Under a New Sun Series

St. Louis is falling to pieces. In the midst of rioting, the outbreak of a dangerous new disease pushes an already dire situation over the edge. Those who are infected suddenly become extremely aggressive, attacking and even eating those around them.

And Olivia Bennett is caught right in the middle of it.

When Liv comes face to face with the infected, her hectic life grinds to a halt as the city around her begins to devour itself. Forced to flee from her car with nothing but her eighteen-month-old daughter, Elli, Liv must trek forty miles on foot across the zombie infested suburbs of St. Louis to a safe haven that may not even be safe.


Divided: A Zombie Apocalypse Novel (Death & Decay Book 3)

Book 1 of the Under a New Sun Series

The world is dying. The dead are rising. But for the survivors, the dead aren't the only threat.

As chaos takes hold of St. Louis, Colin Bennett finds himself on the run. Though the Missouri River is the only thing separating the husband and father from his family, it may as well be an ocean. Colin and a few friends are forced to fight for survival as they seek out a safe haven for themselves and the other survivors they meet along the way. Together they set out to create a new life for themselves and reestablish some order in a dying world.

When discord threatens to tear the group apart, can Colin and the others hold on to their crusade? Or will it destroy them?

Divided is the third book in R. L. Blalock's Death & Decay series. For readers who love an action-packed, fast-paced, zombie-infested story. Continue the exciting next installment in the series today!

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Distortion: A Zombie Apocalypse Novel (Death & Decay Book 4)

Book 1 of the Under a New Sun Series

In five days, the world was forever changed. Now, it's changing again.

Liv and the other survivors have created a new safe haven for themselves. Their world was destroyed but they are determined to rebuild in its ruins. Nothing is given anymore. They must fight for every day.

But a world dominated by zombies is an unforgiving place. One mistake can mean death. As the survivors adapt to the new world, the zombies are adapting as well. New mutations in the virus are creating more deadly monsters.

As the world gets deadlier than ever, the survivors must learn to live as one or die together as the world once again changes around them. Adapt or die.

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